Sunday, 7 October 2012

Taste report, Trinidad Scotts Bonnet red

I got his chilli together with a good bunch of other varieties to taste and describe from a good friend in Berlin.
Believe it or not, but he has loads of chillies growing on a balcony in Berlin of all places, anyways. . . .
My good friend Volker picked a good bunch with all different tastes, and not the same that I have. This just for the purpose to write down as much tastes as I can. Soo, I took a look a the Scots bonnet, and they are from the HabaƱero family, and I have to say I am getting a bit bored with Habanero’s to be honest. I want to taste something new.
So with a bit of a resent I started with this one, and boy is this one stomping hot chilli.

I think in all honesty that due to the attention all the superhot chillies are getting, some others are forgotten. At least these chillies seem to be forgotten in the sense of being rather hot too. And this is a hot one for sure.

This particular chilli has surprised me, first touch is burning and overpowering all palate, and I thought I took the right cut to taste. You know the way I described in the post how to taste superhots. So, peanut butter in and waiting for the heat to subside. About 20 minutes the heat was gone enough to give it another try. Looking better I took a cut at the other side right between the seed lists.
Nanana, again overpowered, again peanut butter. I love that stuff to dampen a burn, works like a charm.

Good, thinner slice even and a good smell, here we go again. This chilli has the scent of a forest with falling leaves. You know the herbs and smell of mushrooms you get at the start of fall, well go to the middle of the forest and take a good snort of air, you will get what I mean? That scent combined with unnamed herbs and total lack of Paprika or that smell superhots have. The taste is hard to get due to its heat, and the lack of a “sweet” spot. The taste has got good herbs about it a tiniest bit of sweets that are overpowered, but not really the standard tastes. And thank goodness for the total lack of HabaƱero taste, that is getting sooo boring. Yeah I like this one, and have to try one in a dish.

Coming up, the Scotch Bonnet Fooderama, no drama at all there !

Yours sincerely,

Bart J. Meijer

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  1. If I get anywhere near a forest I'll try to remember and snort away.
    Sounds like a great one for if you can take the level of heat though.