Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Taste report: The Cornish Naga

Again a chilli I got from Volker, the Cornish Naga, a chilli with a warning this time. This one is extremely hot, so handle with care! Well in my post about tasting superhot chillies, I have this way to get the mild parts to taste.

So taking a good crafting knife at hand I started digging in. The smell is different from the normal ghost pepper. It smells sweet and fruity, not as much a herbal smell. Tasting the very tip I get some sweets and a lovely taste, but that was just a tiny bit and the second bit scorched me. The heat is overruling all and is everywhere in my mouth in milliseconds. So after calming down the tongue and mouth I tried it another time with the same result.

Ok, so even the flesh in between the seed lists is too hot to taste too. Compared to the normal ghost chilli, the Cornish Naga is much thicker in the walls, so I peeled a bit of skin with the tiniest bit of flesh from it. Now that should do it you would think, and? Nooooo scorched again !

Sorry dear readers, this is the first chilli that has me burned and defeated. I have done the best I can tasting 3 nights skipping one every time. No wonder I take ages to taste, this one took me 3 nights.
All I can tell, it is crazy hot, all over. There are no milder parts in this chilli other than the very tip of it. I should have cooked it in a meal to see what I can get out, but then I should have frozen one. The taste and smell I do get are unique, very different from the Ghost or normal Naga it has fruits and is sweet. It doesn’t have the smell that some superhots have like the Fatalii and the Morouga, it really smells mostly like fruit and a little like herbs.

Sorry guys, with this one I am getting in doubt if I can taste chillies, this one has defeated me.

Sincerely yours,

Bart J. Meijer

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