Sunday, 21 October 2012

Taste report Capezzoli di Scimmia

The Capezzoli di Scimmia is a little chilli that looks very nice, it is tiny but it sure has the looks! When I got them from Dilly I had to bite it, and I was soo sorry. Darn this is a hot one ! Totally overblown by its heat, I did not taste a thing, so I left it for a while. Next day I took my crafting knife to it and tried to cut a mild piece out of it and get some taste, this chilli really is hot. I didn’t really get some taste out so I cheated. Sure I did get some fruits and a little sweet, a bit like a piri piri chilli, but not much more. So yeah, I cheated and looked it up.

This chilli has got a good bit of history about it. It has been developed by Dr. Mario Dadomo, director of the Azienda Agraria Sperimentale Stuard an experimental garden in Italy. Well garden, it is a bit larger than that. It is an experimental institute working with a lot more than just chillies, but tomatoes and other crops as well. Research at the Azienda Agraria Sperimentale Stuard covers fertilization, crop rotation, integrated pest management, protection and balance of nutrients in the soil as well as organic cultivation. He worked with over 1200 varieties of Capsicum and is not only developing new varieties, he tries to preserve, maintain, catalogue and archive the Italian Heirloom varieties of chili. Midsummer he has 20.000 to 30.000 chilli plants in his garden, now that is talking hot isn’t it?

Now, after having yet another taste, and getting little out than just a bit of fruitiness, I had it. I tried to get in contact with the good Doctor, and I didn’t get through. Darn ! So I looked at the name again and it means monkey nipple, excuse me?
Now I really have got the feel that the good Doctor is pulling my leg, a chilli called monkey nipple and it is bleeding hot. This really makes no sense, as I do not get the feel of a mother nursing tasting this chilli. Yeah ok the form looks sort of like it.

Anyways, this chilli is hot, very hot. Thank you Dilly's Chilis Seeds for sending these all over from the US!
This really had me challenged, and had a great time tasting it. It is hot, does not have a matching taste to go with the heat. So I would not take this one and grow it for culinary reasons, but just for the fun of it.
It is an excellent looking chilli though, and very easy if you want to spike a meal a good bit. Pop in one and you will be surprised, pop in 2 and you will get hot, pop in 3 and you will be scared. Respect to this mini monkey tit!

Next one coming is a stunner, keep you posted!

Yours sincerely,

Bart J. Meijer


  1. I'm sure this one isn't developed by any crazy doctor from Italy. I think it's charapita. Next year we wil know when my charapitas are ready to be tested.