Chilli seeds I have for sale

Aji Amarillo, a great Peruvian chilli. Taste report in the blog! 40-50 K scoville
Aribibi Gusano, a lovely little but fierce chilli, with tones of vanilla and citrus, 100-150 K
Bird Eye Demon, a chilli like Rawitt but way hotter ! 50 to 100 K scoville

Caloro Very sweet bell pepper taste, fruity lemonade like 1-5 K scoville
Cheongyang Gochu, a rare frutescens chilli from Korea, 30 to 50 K scoville
Chile de Aqua, very little seeds, is in the blog
if you want to know its taste.
Chilsong Cho, another very rare Korean chilli, milder than cayenne. Taste report in blog
Czechoslovakian Black, the counterplayer of JalepeƱos, sweet with herbs !
Dong Xuan Market, Vietnamese heirloom, taste report in the blog 20-40 K scoville
Inca Red Drop, funny chunky chilli with a stunning taste, fruity and hot, 5-20 K scoville
Monkey Face, a stunning medium chilli, yellow to orange, great taste
Naga Jolokia Purple, a hot herby and fruity Annuum, closely related to Indian PC-1
Rocoto Brown, pubescens with a little bitter in the sweet and fruity taste
Rocoto mini Red, funny little pubescens ( hairy plant ) fruits and berry in the taste, hot 30- 60 K
Rocoto San Isidro, big pubescens, fairly mild and a great fruit and berry taste, 10-30 K
Soobi Cho, another rare Korean chilli, hotter than cayenne, sour and sweet. Taste report in blog.
Vezena Piperka, embroided pepper, loads of herbs and a beauty to see, fairly mild. 2€/10

All seeds come from open pollinated plants!
Payment by Paypal. 1.25 Euro per 10 seeds except for Vezena Piperka and the rare Korean chillies, shipment Netherlands 0.7 Euro, shipment Europe 1.2 Euro, shipment outside Europe, 1.5 Euro. Seeds will be send bubble wrapped.

I have a small amount of fully isolated seeds, let me know if you prefer isolated.


  1. So how do we buy. I'll take monkey face, gusano, and anything you have to spare?

  2. Coming your way, you can contact me via facebook, or via my profile here, just send a mail !

  3. salamualaikom! WAAAAAHW!! thanks so much King of Chillies/peppers...your precious has arrived ..thank you..Now..Your blog will be mi main bible..ahahahah--Thanks again..--Haqimi .

  4. I am looking to buy Vezena Piperka pepper seeds. Kindly advise amount of seeds you have available and how much.
    I reside in Orlando, Fl.

  5. Hallo ik wil graag vezena piperka zaden kopen.
    Graag hoor ik hoe dat kan.


  6. For Vezena Piperka seeds, please send me a mail.
    Als je Vezena Piperka zaden wilt, stuur me even een mailtje.
    My mail adress can be foud at
    Mijn mail adres kan gevonden worden op contact