Thursday, 31 May 2012

Italian cold runner bean salad, short and fast.

Here a faster update to the bean salad post.
This to make a wonderfull  tasting simple bean salad.


500 gram Runner beans
1 clove of garlic, a soft tasting sort, not Chinese if possible.
2 teaspoons Balsamic Modena, or Red wine vinigar( Lidl: Aceto Balsamico di Modena I.G.P. 2,5 €)
1 tablespoon of Extra Vierge olivie oil
1-2 chillies, sort depending on your tolerance for heat.
a slice of good butter
some salt.

Wash the beans in cold water, take off front and back end.
Slice your runner beans Julienne, in strips about 3 mm.
Put them in a pan with very little water, some salt, and some real butter.
Boil them to the point where they are almost your choice of bite.
Don't boil them until they are Army green, you want them to look vibrant and fresh.
12-14 minutes will do.

You will have about 10 minutes to cut and slice a clove of garlic, and your chilli.
With the chilli, it should be the surprise that with about every other bite you get something hot that fades away fast again.
So don't go overboard, and make very fine slices !
Take the seed lists out, and the seeds, for you don't want any super hot bits or hard seeds in this salad.
I put the seeds in a small cup of water, the ones that sink are the ones you can seed.
I am using spring garlic again, that is the one that hasn't formed a bulb yet, so you can eat all.
It is a bit softer than full grown garlic.
Don't crush or press your garlic through a whatsit garlic-press, it'll ruin the taste.
I have put some nice fine slices of chilli apart to sprinkle over the top.
Put the sliced garlic and chilli in  the salad bowl together with a spoon of olive oil, give it about 5 minutes before you add the Balsamic.
Keep from using too much balsamic, or the salad will taste cheap and unbalanced.

As soon as the runner beans are about done, drain and cool them fast with a rinse of cold water.
Drain the beans very well, and add them to the dressing, and mix it a bit with a spoon.
Give it all a rest in the fridge for 10 minutes, mix it a bit again.
There you go!

Serve and enjoy !

Yours truly

Bart J. Meijer

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