Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Lidl alert, and good sauces !!! Dilita Peri-Peri Hot sauce !

I must admit I am a Lidl fan, silence, don’t rat me out, but I am.
Sometimes these chaps have great stuff for ridiculous prices, sometimes it is cr##.
Don’t try the Grillmeister stuff, my opinion that is, because this really is not even worth tasting.

This time however, they have lovely hot sauce made by Dilita in Birmingham, for only 1,25 Euro a bottle, and in the UK for only 99 pence.
Normally it is 3 to 3,5 Euro mind!
I got it 2 days ago, and today was BBQ day!
I couldn’t wait and tried a teaspoon full.
Not the best of ideas, I was burning up instantly, still tasting good flavour though.
The main flavour was lemon, and a lot of it, just about not overruling the rest of tastes of herbs and onion.

So after the heat was gone a bit, I tried it with some meat, some bread and some Peanutsauce (satay sauce)
The main taste is chilli and lemon, not hiding the onion and a touch of garlic.
If I compare it to regular Tabasco, I think I like this one better.
Compared to other sauces, I prefer this as due to using lemon, not a lot of vinegar is used making it somewhat smoother. Less harsh if you eat it like this.
I think it might be superb for chicken, maybe even better for marinating fish in it.
Not too long as the lemon and vinegar will “cook” your fish a bit.
As it is called Peri-Peri sauce, I would have expected the taste of fresh Peri-Peri or Piri Piri which I grow myself.
Now that is what I am missing out off.
It has a slight bitter, but that is rather logical after reading the ingredients on the label, it says that is has green pepper paste.
Now being unripe, the green chilli is much more bitter then the red or ripe one.
A ripe chilli most of the times has no bitter in it at all, anyways. . .
I doubt there would be more Peri-Peri in it then 1% an to me that is a bit of a bummer.
Then again, who would recognize that, as not a lot of people grow Peri-Peri.

Still, saying this, I love it.
All in all it has a nice bite to it, good amount of heat, and is not too much vinegar based.

I’d say, rush to the Lidl and see if they have got any left!
I am going again to see if they have the Dilita Peri-Peri with wild herbs !!

Yours truly,

Bart J. Meijer

P.S. sorry for the scruffy layout, but it is after all a Lidl Alert !!

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