Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Lidl alert, and good sauces? Dilita Peri-Peri Wild Herb sauce and more !

Taking up at my own advice, I went to an other Lidl shop today.
I had to walk my motorcycle, uhm. . .

Not the best of excuses? Ah, leave it.

I had the morning off, so I took my ex police bike BMW K75, and aerated my brain.
Lovely drive, with a bit of a promise for rain later on, I admired the clouds and enjoyed the drive.
Lovely, if you step off from a banger big beamer, getting all the looks from the housewives.
So I entered the Lidl in black motorcycle jacket using my helmet as a basket, I ran through the shop tio see if they had any sauce left.
Low and behold, 4 bottles of Dilita Peri-Peri Wild Herb sauce, I could withhold myself and bought only 2.,
Hunting the store for other goodies, I found some other nice stuff, and speeded home.
I stayed under the speed limit, I believe, and halfway got a surprise.
The promising rain turned into real rain, and got a good cold shower !

Couldn't spoil the mood though, so I stepped off laughing, and one off the neighbours wondered why I was laughing. I am just in a good mood, don't mind me!

Enough chit chat, I tasted the sauce.
Not half what I expected it to be, I mainly tasted Lemon, Garlic, green chillies, onion and parsley  Nothing wild about that, so where is are the wild herbs?
I really don't taste Peri-Peri again, I do taste the bitter of the green chillies and the cayenne.
Bought 2 bottles, and my good mood was gone.

Ok, for someone that isn't used too much to chillies, this might be the way to start.
Maybe I am getting used too much to eat heat?
It has its lemon, garlic, onion, parsley and chillies.
It is mild and could do wonders with mildly hot chicken or fish. So for a starter eating hot food, I would recommend it.
I am missing the wild herbs however.
Going through the stuff I bought, I got my good mood back again.
I bought a 250 Ml bottle of real Modena Balsamic vinegar, for only 2,50 Euro.
This is the stuff I use in the bean salad, has a good bite and a perfectly balanced taste for a vinegar!
Over 399 years of history in a bottle !
Get it A.S.A.P. !!!!

Good, I am done with Dilita, tasted 2 and liked 1.
Yours truly,

Bart J. Meijer

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