Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Burning Desire Foods sauce review

I really hate it when people keep adding other ingredients to their food, thinking it will make it better. It does not, please don’t add a thing, if something is wrong toss it and start over ! Please keep food simple, do not try to over achieve or over compensate! Over whatever ! Get over it, if food is not good, toss it ! Bad food cannot be made better if you add some other thing. You maybe, just maybe can hide the fact that you messed it up a bit. Maybe.
A steak is best with just butter pepper and salt, if it is burned or tough as #### you can’t fix it with a mushroom sauce or ketchup!
Sorry, I am getting carried away. But if you have made a mistake in the kitchen; admit it, toss it and get over it Than start over making something new! If food is fu##ed, toss it, don't add Ketchup !! Period !

So if somebody asks me to try a sauce that has a zillion ingredients in it, I toss it. Make it simple, 5 ingredients are best, 6 the most !

So, all lovely and so on, I get a sauce specially delivered by Burning Desire Foods from Jason Stevens. Looks good but reading the label, that stuff has got an ingredients list longer then my arm! The label is great, stunning really, and the sauce looks good. The label has no devils or what not on it, but a flaming heart like from a tattoo. I like that, on a bottle !
This sauce has got a good burn, frontal and a bit in the throat. It is not too sour, as what English sauces can be at times, and has a roasted flavour. Mind, it is not smoky, but roasted. It has garlic in it as a background note, love that, and it’s got the sweet of dates, raisins and dark musovado sugar. See, raisins, that is what it’s got the flashy fast sweet in it. Who in the world ever comes up to put raisins in a sauce? Well. . . . He has used a fine red wine vinegar and lemon juice, not making it to sour. It’s a bit on the runny side, then again thicker as normal standard UK sour chilli sauces. It’s got a few seeds in it, not too much and has a beautiful colour with a range of speckles and spots from herbs and spices. It looks almost like a Bolognese sauce, with a bite. The bottle is not standard either, so apart from the long list of ingredients that almost fooled me not to taste, it is goooood looking.

The label says it is an all-round sauce, for on and in anything, well it is. That made me really curious as to what this chap has made it for and what he had in mind making it. So I send this guy a note, asking what he had in mind when he was making it. His reply was; He wanted to make a sauce that could go on anything as a sort of complement to anything and a spice it up. Well, that is clear. . . . Not scoring mate, if you can’t decide what to do your sauce on to! And that list of ingredients an arm long, sort off. So ok, I tried it on anything, a roast, a grilled steak, in the chili con carne and in the Bolognese sauce, even a peanut butter sandwich. Every time it just fits, is a complement and makes food lovely.

A little later I get a note from this chap again to use it to make a Bloody Mary or a Virgin Mary, promising that it would be brilliant. But this chap tells me not to add anything to the tomato juice than this sauce of his. Now I love Virgin Mary’s as it is the only thing to make tomato juice drinkable, but it normally has to have all.
Tomato juice only needs 4 ingredients to make it lovely, Worcestershire sauce, pepper, tabasco and celery salt.
Ok, well still intrigued I am off to the supermarket. Believe it or not, it is brilliant and this chap is proving me wrong. A sauce with an arm long list of ingredients that is good is an exception, and this is one. This Virgin Mary is really great, and I will not put it on food again. I will keep this sauce only for making Virgin Mary’s and not top it on food anymore. I hope. . .
Yes, now I am sitting here and enjoying a lovely Virgin Mary, cheers chap for proving me wrong!

I might be opinionated, but I can be wrong at times, gladly it is just about once in a blue moon !

Yours sincerely

Bart J. Meijer

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