Wednesday, 8 August 2012

What is keeping me so long? Lets talk chillies. . .

Sorry dear readers,

Sorry for you that is, as I had a little vacation, and it was nice!
Got some Sriracha sauce, and I really love that, and got some new ideas for recipes.
I can't wait to play with Lemon Drop to make a novel new Sambal, I will tell you later !
Got to keep some surprises !

So !!! Vacation hé, I so loved not to see my chillies ( NOT ) but I had to keep my face on smile mode.
Don't tell, but I thought about chillies and recipe's and cooking, eating peanutbutter sandwiches with shop bought Sambal.

Have to tell you this, too funny to be true.
I told my wife ages ago, that I have seen bread bags in shops that have those fancy fresh bread rolls, bags with little holes in them for ventilation. She is the only one buying croissants so she should know, and said she never seen them. They would be perfect for isolating branches with flowers or little plants. Low and behold, on vacation in the Netherlands, I spot them in a supermarket! So I send my son off on his best behaviour to try and get some. He comes back with about 10. So I give him 1 Euro, and tell him to try and buy as many as he can, for 1 Euro.

He comes back with a full roll of at least 100 bags, and asks with an angelic face, if he has earned the Euro because he did not have to pay. He gets the Euro a huge smile and a great hug!

So, when we got home I got the chance to look at my chillies and have to say with some I was utterly amazed. The Vezena Piperka a sweet and hot Macedonian Heirloom chilli ha grown by a mile, good grief, they are beautiful and very very large. One I measured is now 20 cm long and almost 5 cm thick, and it is such a beauty!

I got a new little job, translating all the ingredients form the products of Grimreaper foods to Dutch, and get the chance to taste them as well. I already had the chocolate and am amazed about it! Tried some sauces to, and will tell you later. I am a bit of a tease now aren't I. . .

I also got a Burning Desire sauce from the company itself, asking for my opinion and will write a report soon. This my readers, is one heck of a sauce, and I simply LOVE the bottle and the label ! Dear all, I am soo going to slow roast some ribs this weekend and tell you all about it. This will make you really hungry !
I am off to bed dreaming about some good spicy foods !

Yours sincerely,

Bart J. Meijer

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