Sunday, 4 November 2012

3 chilli products one should not buy !

A friend of mine from Moldavia pointed me out to some bad drink.
Looking at it I remembered it, I have had it, a drink called Mixxed Up.
It is a sort of an energy drink, with chilli added to it.
Told him I didn't bother to write it down.
But actually I should I thought a moment later, as one should not buy this drink.

So, this stuff is energy drink that has cranberry and chilli flavour, or at least it says to have.
The stuff however tastes like sugar water with a fizz and half rotten elderberries, and has a light but awful burn only in the back of the throat. It really tastes like artificial aroma, chilli extract off the worst quality and elderberry. So low and behold, it contains no cranberry at all. It has sugar in it and a load of sugar, citric acid, Carbonic acid (fizzzz),Trisodium citrate, Elderberry concentrate, aromas and artificial flavours and the regular energy rubbish.
I would say these guys are really Mixxed Up for making this, and would suggest making something either with real cranberries and real chillies, or not at all.

Next, the Grillmeister sauces from Lidl.
Most of the times I am excited about the products of Lidl, so I saw these and had to try them. First the Roasted Garlic, that stuff has garlic for sure, chem like gastric garlic like there is noo tomorrow. This stuff would kill a family of ants, if you use one drop. I was soo sorry for trying a spoonful.

The Smokey BBQ then.
Brr, that stuff tastes like licking a flue. This is crazy! It really tastes like someone washed out the stainless steel flue of his wood stove that has been burning on painted wood. Good grief, well it is smoke, but really very artificial and bad. Try some good smoked products, and use those. Do stay away from this!

Yours sincerely,

Bart J. Meijer


  1. Sounds like the typical corporate rubbish. Companies who don't give a damn about the people and are only interested in making money, and will go to any lengths to do it. It gets me really angry when I think about it. I bet the people who make this sh*t wouldn't eat it themselves or give it to their own kids. This is one of the big reasons why humanity needs to move away from all this corporate crap.

    1. companys need more heart and less greed for sure.

  2. True

    Give us a tweet or a facebook link or like if you don't like your friends and family eating this.

  3. I tried the mixxed up drink here in germany too. I couldn't even notice a slight burn at the end. Nothing at all. In Germany we had two different Grillmeister Sauces. One was called "Heißer Feger", mainly a very bad Cuminketchup with a little chili and a BBQ Sauce called "Holzfäller". I reviewed both in my blog and these were awful too.

  4. Hihi Heißer Feger, sounds like a person that is scrubbing the chimney when it is hot. . .
    The slight burn, is really slight and totally in the back of the troat if you don't eat superhot too much you can notice.
    I need a links page to link to your blogs about the Grillmeister.
    Good you show some great taste Thomas, because after tasting this stuff, one might almost think German food is bad.
    And I for one know German food is great !

  5. Heißer Feger means something like "hot chick". YOu can find the reviews on my Blog, when you click on "Produkttests" right under the intro picture. Here are the direct links: and

    Direct link to "Produkttests":