Thursday, 26 April 2012

Chillies and where to start.

Chillies and where to start.

Well, for starters, I like spicy food.
Not over the hill hot mind, but hot and spicy I like.
I do tend to be careful with my taste buds, as I do not want to scorch them.

Now, as I live in Holland, I did try and find good chillies here.
But that seems to be a bit hard.
In the Netherlands, at the shops and supermarkets, they have red chillies.

They call them: Red Chillies or Spaanse peper in Holland.
Doesn't mind what sort it is, or name... If it is red, and it is a chili? Label it: red chili.
So quality and taste varies, and not by a bit.
Some taste like hot water, and some have so much more.
So, once I tasted a superb fruity nice chili with fabulous herb and nicely balanced sweets. It took me over 6 months to find its name: Medina F1. Now I have to tell you, that is one amazing chili !

So I had to search for real taste in chillies, and had to try, I just could not help myself.
I am like that you know, if I want to learn something, or taste something I want it all.
So, after getting about some 15 odd sorts, and tasting those I seem to be sold to idea to grow real chillies.
Some of these chillies were a bitter disappointment  as they were not what they promised to be.
Even some real Heirloom sorts, that have been grown for hundreds of years, did not taste that special.
Then again, a simple biologically grown yellow Cayenne had 10 times more taste then the water grown chillies you get in the shops here

Now one year later, I am learning that chillies are addictive.
And I am learning about myself that I tend to go over the hill. . . . .

I now have about 105 chilli varieties, all of them picked as they have a special taste, I hope.

One thing that really struck me, is that the chilli scene is that friendly.
I joined a few fora, and got offers from over the world for nice chilli seeds.
Expecting nothing in return, you get special seeds, and great advice how to grow them.
So all I have learned I share, and then some, and I start to feel like I am in a sort of hippy commune.
As I am getting known as a taste tester for wild chillies now ( that will be a new story ) people send me and promise to send me chillies to taste.
The ones I am not growing this year.
Mind you, there are more then 3000 varieties now.

I am growing chillies, and wonder how they will taste, plus how the ones I get send will taste.
Let's find out this year.

Yours truly

Bart J, Meijer


  1. Hi Bart, I thoroughly enjoyed your article. I have also experienced very positive feedback from the chili community. Notably Darth Naga's Funhouse o' Pain, Dr Burnorium's hot sauce Emporium and Eat more Heat. All can be found on Facebook and Twitter. With no chili experience, I received a baptism of fire a few years back. I made the mistake of eating a dried Naga Morich in front of a pub full of people. I got the shock of my life, then asked if the barman would find me some milk. He had to open the coffee maker and relieve it of it's milk to bring me back to normality. From that day I've always kept an interest in all things hot. I applaud anyone of your dedication, nurturing so many plants is a no mean feat. Happy growing and the best of luck with your blog. AshWonderBoy

    1. Thanks Ash !

      Hope you get to grow and enjoy some good chillies !

      I will keep you posted from my end.

      Cheers Bart

  2. Hi Bart, very enjoyable read :) look forward to you posting more chilli tastings :) Hopefully i will find some more chillies to grow in the process :)

    1. Thanks Devil's garden,

      I will be tasting a lot, but will keep to growing these 105 varieties.
      Maybe next year. . . .

      Cheers Bart